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Steerable FNA biopsy needle, 21G

Your first choice for deep-seated targets

Morrison Steerable Needle® is the first steerable needle enabling active guidance around objects within the body.

  • Steer distal end of needle with live feedback under image guidance
  • Curve around sensitive structures and dangerous areas
  • Facilitates precise needle placement
  • Multipurpose needle for aspiration, injection and biopsy

Using Morrison Steerable Needle® it is possible to:

  • Make major adjustments around bones, organs or neurovascular structures
  • Make minor adjustments near target
  • Make multiple adjustments as needle is advanced

Available in the USA only.


Product Assortment

Morrison Steerable Needle® 21G


Morrison Steerable Needle® 21G

Steerable stylet
Needle (ID 0.68 mm, OD 0.82 mm (21G), length 17 cm)

Sterile, single use

Ordering information:
13550 Morrison Steerable Needle® 21G
MOQ 10 units


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