Semi-automatic biopsy needle

Reach further for bigger soft-tissue samples

AprioCore® plus is a sterile, disposable, semi-automatic, springloaded biopsy needle. AprioCore® plus is provided in a variety of sizes and can be used together with coaxial needles such as AprioMed´s disposable Coaxial Needles Gangi-SoftGuard® and Gangi-HydroGuard®.

Available in the USA only.

  • Short distal dead-space allows operator to reach further and collect a bigger sample
  • Specimen release feature eliminates the risk of misfire during removal of specimen
  • 10 and 20 mm notch allows full spring force also for 10 mm samples
  • Cutting cannula with centimeter marking (marked in 1 cm increments) and echogenic distal tip to improve visability during ultrasound guidance
  • Length match Gangi-SoftGuard® coaxial needle:

Product Assortment

AprioCore® plus

AprioCore® plus 16G

AprioCore® plus 18G


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